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April Monthly Horoscope 2015

Aries April Horoscope (March 21-April 20): A shift of focus has occurred. You're seeking the meaning of life, becoming somewhat of a philosopher. You want to understand the world better from inner levels. All your life you've been focused on the outer. You seek knowledge of things greater than self-foreign cultures, new music, different beliefs, the big picture. Keep inquiring. Go to London.

Taurus April Horoscope (April 21-May 21): You think about what you share with others, especially resources. It's time for you to evaluate important legal matters. That's why they're on your mind. What sorts of things? Like inheritances, grants, loans, family money. You must re-evaluate how you feel about death, too. Both issues are difficult. You're strength maintains your courage.

Gemini April Horoscope (May 23-June 20): Although the Libran pause is over for Aries, it's taking a second turn with you. Somehow you feel disconnected from everything. From things higher and lower, from Soul and personality, from the earth and from people. Don't fret. This is a natural occurrence this time of year for you. Hold everything in balance and in check. Everything's equal. Awareness is coming. Distribution (of grace) is happening.

Cancer April Horoscope (June 21-July 20): Maintain constant surveillance with important files and information. The mercury retro could create chaos and disorder. Don't try to learn anything new during the retro, especially at work. You won't understand anything and will actually not retain information. The best endeavor now is physical exercise. I hear that groan. Take small walks.

Leo April Horoscope (July 21-Aug. 22): Things will expand creatively and artistically. Something in that area needs updating anyway. It's likely that, whether you like it or not, you'll be invited to parties, to celebrate festive occasions, to be with others who enjoy you. During this month you'll think about your childhood. And come to greater understanding and forgiveness.

Virgo April Horoscope (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Home is where you feel most safe. A winter garden brings forth your ability to nurture and you become the reflection of Ceres who holds a sheaf of wheat in her arms. You may do work on your family origins. Revive and recreate traditions that connect you with your family. They will warm you well into the future.

Libra April Horoscope (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Communication with family members, even neighbors, will be short, quick and easy. You'll enjoy bits of information from here, there, everywhere and then go on your way. Anything around learning is also that way. You learn fast, take in lots of information, then find more. Be aware that communication and computers fall by the wayside during Mercury retro. It's not personal. Everything's tired.

Scorpio April Horoscope (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): It's good to plan your holiday parties. Good to have people over. Good to organize group activities and pause a bit with friends. Love and affection flow for you feel completely secure within yourself. Your intimate relationships take on a friendly air. This is needed because friendship brings about love and dissolves discord. Do this intentionally.

Sagittarius April Horoscope (Nov. 22-Dec. 20): New beginnings are almost upon the horizon. I said "almost" due to the Mercury retro. Feeling them, you arrange your appearance to make good impressions. This rearranges your self-awareness and personality, too. You may have a sort of crisis of identity. Don't worry. When we become someone new, the old goes into shock. Take Rescue Remedy.

Capricorn April Horoscope (Dec. 21-Jan. 20): So much is happening where no one can see it. This is good at this time because you can do much more than expected, see inner realities no one else can, and recognize what's needed to make important personal changes. Your Soul takes care of all issues that arise, especially distant and sad memories from the past. This will pass.

Aquarius April Horoscope (Jan. 21-Feb. 18): Friends are most important now along with being involved in groups. Something intelligent comes forth and your feelings and interests are seen. Ideas, usually unusual from you, do challenge others. At this time they are accepted easily. Follow your own mind and don't conform to anyone.

Pisces April Horoscope (Feb. 18-March 20): Work continues to be rather overwhelming. But if you ask your angels for help by making them lists of work needing to be done, they'll get to it quickly and efficiently. Praise comes your way. And Life sweeps into your living room. Re-examine your professional goals. Your current thoughts may have changed them.

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